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School work organization: Memory boxes

Good morning! Waiting in a building-wrapping line to register-not one, but two!- high school students reminds me of two things. One that I’m getting older. Yikes! And two, that it’s time to kick into gear and get organized for the fast-approaching school year.

This morning I’ll address the question of what to do with all that school work the kids bring home.

Kids bring home a ton of graded work, projects, etc. especially in elementary grades. Even the most sentimental parent can be overwhelmed by the organizational nightmare this creates. The solution is simple: don’t keep all of it. Pick your favorites, and recycle the rest.

I store those favorites in what the kids call their baby boxes. These are 16-18 quart Sterilite boxes that are the perfect size for 8.5 x 11 papers as well as other momentos. Each grade level is stored in its own plastic envelope.


Plastic envelopes keep work and keepsakes together by grade level.


In addition to keeping my one or two favorite projects, I keep a binder for each child with a sample of their work, their report cards, and other documentation. I have two GATE kids and two who have IEPs. These records have come in handy during meetings with teachers and admins.

How ever you decide to organize your students’ keepsakes, the most important thing is to determine a system that works for you.


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