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Donuts! August 2017
Our donuts and a cronut. Colorado Donuts, Eagle Rock, CA

We made it to the weekend, thank goodness! And what better weekend treat than a donut for breakfast? I’m of the opinion that if I’m going to splurge on some calories, then I’m going to go all out. It is a treat, so may as well have fun with your donut selection.

We have a number of ‘specialty’ donut stores in the San Gabriel Valley/Greater Los Angeles area. My personal favorites are:

California Donuts- summer 2016
Sami wants a panda donut from California Donuts, Los Angeles, CA
  • California Donuts- 3540 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90020.     Features specialty donuts such as cereal frosted and character or animal designs.
  • Colorado Donuts- 1578 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA 90041 Their cronuts (croissant donuts) are delicious, especially fruit-filled. They can do special orders in advance. There is a $10 minimum on debit/credit purchases, but that’s easy to hit with the average specialty donut being $3-$4.
  • Donut Friend- 5107 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90065 Cute shop where you can customize your donut with an assortment of toppings and fillings. There’s a menu of delicious options to choose from, or you can use your creative genius to build your dream donut.
  • The Donut Man- 915 E Rte 66, Glendora, CA 91740 The famous Donut Man, as featured on many food and travel shows. Trust me, if you’re a donut fan, you can’t miss this. Donut Man’s specialty is seasonally fresh fruit filled donuts. These are massively filled and oh so yummy. Summer brings peach and strawberry, my personal favorite. There are also cream-filled, tiger tails, and ‘regular’ donuts. Cash only.

Whats your favorite donut spot or weekend treat?



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