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Random closet organization

Hallway closet
Closet organization.

Something that bugs me on a fairly consistent basis is our hallway coat closet.  It’s a tiny 2′ x 2′ storage area, but as our home is only 930 square feet, and there are only two small closets outside the bedrooms, every bit of storage space helps. This particular closet is in the hall connecting the bedrooms and the living room, so it is central. The idea is to use the closet to store coats and other weather items, along with cleaning tools and miscellaneous supplies. The problem is that being in a central location and kind of random by design, all too often this area becomes a catch-all space where the kids throw outerwear, toys, school supplies, etc. So how do I organize this tiny space?

What I finally decided was that I would organize the space by level. There is a makeshift top shelf that was present with we moved into the house 14 years ago. This area is for our larger family fun board games. These games come out only a few times a season, so it works to have them on a shelf that isn’t the most easily accessible. Level two is a built-in shelf. There is a basket of card games that get used fairly often, along with office supplies and a basket containing flashlights and an extra smoke detector. The wire basket makes it easy to see what is contained inside it.

Next we have the real reason for a coat closet: coats.  Living in Southern California we don’t have a need for too many heavy coats, but it does get cold, especially in January and sometimes June. I have different hangers for different coats according to weight.  I was going to color code by person, but I didn’t like how it looked a bit more cluttered with the different colors, so I passed on that idea. The bottom level is a bit more random. Gifts (which I buy ahead of time to take advantage of sales) and gift packaging are stored in labeled plastic drawers. We also store our batteries and labeled and sorted according to type inside the small drawer set.  Even the door is utilized. A hook rack holds umbrellas (which got a lot of use this year), and a hook underneath that holds tote bags. Lastly, the vacuum needed a home, so this closet is where it will reside.



Do you have a random closet or utility drawer that’s hard to keep organized? Share your solutions below.


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