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Amazon Sample Boxes

Today’s money-saving tip is borrowed from Clark Howard’s deals page. The husband is a regular follower both on the radio and online and consistently shares with me deals he finds would be applicable to our home and style of living. I found out about these Amazon sample boxes a few weeks ago and finally decided to give them a try.

My first order consisted of three boxes: a dog food sampler, an Aveeno box, and a Keurig K-cup sampler. The boxes arrived yesterday, less than one week after I placed the order. Once the items shipped, I received an email for promotional credits on related purchases in the amounts I paid for each sample box.

I paid 7.99 each for the Aveeno box and the 18 pack K-Cup sampler, which is about what I would spend in equivalent product elsewhere. The dog food was a bit more expensive at 11.99, but offered a decent selection of natural dog food and treats to try. The promo credit is really what makes this a good deal. I went ahead and used my coffee credit to place an order on a 24 pack of Caribou coffee K-cups in the hope that they’ll arrive before I burn through my current supply.

We will test the Aveeno products before placing an order. So far the favorite is the vanilla and oats body yogurt pot. It smells delicious and leaves skin feeling soft. We’re also trying out the dog products before ordering. Owen went nuts for the Blue Buffalo Sizzler treats. We also placed orders for the beauty and luxury beauty sample boxes. These should arrive by the end of the coming week.

This is a great way to try out different products. And it’s a good deal as long as you remember to use the promotional credit on your next related purchase. Also, sample boxes change, so check back on Amazon for more items.

Owen laying down for a Blue Buffalo treat.

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