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Closet Organization by Emily

Over the weekend, we tackled the daunting task of organizing the kids’ closets.  Both closets- one a built-in closet in the girls’ room, and in the boys’ an Ikea wardrobe- are small with some, though not enough, shelving. Of course, the biggest issue is that the kids don’t put things where they belong.  And that’s probably not going to change overnight, but I wanted to give them fewer excuses for not doing what they’re supposed to do.

This morning’s feature is the girls’ closet.  I wish I had taken some before photos.  We were using a mismatched assortment of whatever random Sterilite drawers we had leftover from when all four kids were sharing a room, along with a metal shoe rack that had warped over time from doubling up as a ladder. Baskets held the remainder of the items but typically ended up covered by clothing the girls would try on and not hang back up. On second thought, I’m rather glad I didn’t take any before photos.

Emily led the closet-cleaning effort. After nearly two years of awkward solutions, she was ready for a change.  As was I. Now that they’re older, I allowed them to have some input over what went in their room.  I had veto power and the final say, but they could suggest what they thought would work for them. We first tried Ikea, but the retailer was very busy over the Labor Day weekend and didn’t have exactly what we had in mind.  Fortunately, there was a Target close by, and that’s where we purchased our storage unit.

6 cube cubby
Target Room Essentials 6 cube cubby storage unit.

This is the Room Essentials 6 Cube Organizer. This style has different sizes to suit whatever your needs may be.  Assembly was easy; it took me under 30 minutes. It is not Crate and Barrel quality, but for 34.99 and under, it does the job.  The girls picked out two cubby boxes (sold separately), along with a shoe rack that Emily assembled herself.

The 1938 closet does have built-in shelving, but the shelves are quite narrow. Nevertheless we utilize these for books, socks, and other odds and ends. I also installed hooks on the closet doors to hang their purses and hiking daypacks.


After some disagreement over who got which cubby, Emily and Sami worked together to get their closet looking nicer and more functional.  Sami was especially excited about storing her things in the cubby holes. Shoes are now stored outside the closet in a corner where they are more accessible as we’re rushing to get out of the house. I was pleased with the end result. And as it’s been four days since the project, and the closet looks as it does in the photos taken this morning, I think the girls are happy with it as well.

Let’s see how long it lasts…


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