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What to do with all those Tsum Tsums…

And other small toys:

Tsum Tsums in every size.

It is by no means a serious issue, but one of the challenges of having children, especially multiple children, and especially multiple girl children, is what to do with all their collections.  My daughters are notorious for finding the next “it” thing of cutesy-ness and going nuts with it.  They will sucker aunts, uncles, close family friends, and especially grandparents into feeding their toy addictions. Most of the time, the collecting phase is short-lived, and the toys are relegated to one of the Sterilite containers under their beds. For some collections (I talking about you, Shopkins), we were able to limit what was purchased, and once the interest died away, the toys found a new home somewhere out there. But there are a few toy collections that have been well loved and held on to. Thomas the Tank Engine trains and American Girl items have a permanent place in our home, and will most likely be kept after the kids grow out of them until the grandkids grow into them. That’s years down the road, but what’s a few Sterilite boxes for the sake of our future grandkids?

The girls have been into Tsum Tsums since they made their way across the Pacific in the form of adorable stackable Disney plushes of all sizes.  Emily has many in the small and medium sizes, and at least 70 mini Tsums.  That’s way too many Tsum Tsums.  And of course, the girls both wanted to display them all. Sterilite boxes, will simply not do for the Tsums. So we solved the problem by using racks and box shelving to display the Tsums on the wall.  There they’re easily accessible and on full display for the girls to enjoy.

How do you manage to keep kids’ collections organized?

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