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First Shadows of Fall

Shortened days, comfy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, marching band field shows- these are signs of fall. California is known for really having only two seasons: a short, 2-3 month rainy season and the rest of the year. And while that’s true, the massive Liquidambar in my front yard has started to change colors and drop its leaves in anticipation of the coming winter. It is fall.

I was really happy this week after several weeks of heat, to finally start wearing the few sweaters in my wardrobe. It has been nice to actually need a blanket and to not have to blast the a/c. The cloudy mornings have been perfect for pumpkin spice lattes and hot chocolate. And fall decorations! I love fall decor: pumpkins, leaves, many candles casting their soft glow as the days grow shorter.

Today I celebrated the autumn equinox by wearing a sweater that’s lived in my closet for the past couple months, tags still on in hopes that cooler weather will come and decorating the house for the season. So here’s to this season as it takes us closer to the end of 2017. May your cooler days be filled with warmth and lots of pumpkin spice.




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