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Saving Money Saturdays: Costco

Or in my case, it would be spending money.

I have a love-hate relationship with Costco. Who doesn’t love Costco for the fact that you can grab lunch for under $5 including dessert (churros anyone?), pick up a year’s supply of paper towels, enough food to feed a small island (or my family of 6 for two weeks), and all while getting your tires changed. Seriously, Costco is awesome.

But it does have its downsides. I happen to live within five miles of the second busiest Costco in the contiguous United States, per a Costco employee, and probably one with the worst parking in the US and Canada. The other downside, which is more like an upside for Costco, is the ‘Costco effect.’ The Costco effect explained by Rochelle Haas:

I go to Costco for my bi-monthly shopping trip in which I purchase necessary paper goods and cleaning products, along with the supply of bulk items to feed our growing family. This trip is already going to cost $250, but I’ve budgeted for it. So far, so good. I walk no more than 50 feet after showing my membership card, and lo, a set of string lights for my backyard! A year supply of Baileys Irish Cream for 14.99, yes please! And the little girls’ dresses! I saw that Ella Moss dress for $68 at Nordstrom, only 13.99 at Costco! Sami can never have enough dresses. I’ll take all three adorable designs. And $358 later…

So the last point is entirely my fault. But really Costco is great. There are some good deals going on this week, and some items that are always a good price.

1. Flowers: Rainforest Alliance roses are currently $13.99 for 2 dozen. I purchased some to make into a bouquet for the kid to use to ask a girl to HoCo.

HoCo flowers
If he gets rejected, it isn’t because of the flowers.

2. Sheet cake: Who doesn’t need a half-sheet cake large enough to feed 50 people for fall events… or to eat at home with the kids? I’ll be picking up a couple next week to donate to our school’s fall festival. At 18.99 each, I can afford two.

3. Cute girls’ dresses: I should avoid this area, but holiday and everyday dresses are out and range in price from 12.99-21.99. Not a bad deal, though Sami probably doesn’t really need more dresses…

This beautiful fall dress? Costco!

Log Cabin syrup is a great deal on sale at 5.99 for three 36 oz bottles, and organic blue agave is 8.99 for 2 36 oz bottles. I haven’t seen it lower than that anywhere. There are a few items I don’t recommend purchasing at Costco, such as bulk perishables that won’t get consumed or certain hygiene products that tend to be cheaper at Target. But Costco is definitely a part of life here in the SGV. Especially if you’re visiting Alhambra.



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