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Back to School 2018

After a lovely- and busy- summer, we are back at school and our regularly scheduled programming. This school year is a big one for the Haas family.  This is the first one in 12 years that we have not had a child at the elementary school.

This experience has been bittersweet. On the one hand, it is nice being at only two schools now- the high school and the middle school- with only two back-to-school nights, two dropoffs, a slightly more consolidated pickup. On the other, I loved our time at the elementary school, a truly wonderful community school, the oldest in our 150-year-old district with beautiful grounds and welcoming people. And for me, it is a reminder of how quickly time goes.  The kids are growing up too quickly. It is the conflicted privilege of parenthood. I am hopeful, excited to see the people my children will grow up to be. It is a joy, albeit a stressful joy, to help guide them in their decision-making as they steam through middle and high school on the path toward their eventual futures. Yet there is a wistful sadness in the knowledge that they will never again be little, that the time for cuddles and all-day trips to Lacy Park has passed.  “Enjoy the phase you’re in when you’re in it, because once it’s gone you never get it back,” my dad wisely warned me when my babies were babies. How those words ring so true today.

So to the young parent who stumbles upon this blog, enjoy the time.  You might not be able to imagine your child starting high school years from now, learning to drive, looking at colleges, becoming an adult. It will happen faster than you think, and those ‘baby years’ are precious and oh so fleeting. To those who are struck by the passage of time as you drop off your babies at middle and high school, I’ll see you in the carpool lane.  At least until one of my older kids gets a drivers license…


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