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Science Gone to the Dogs

If you’re in So Cal, need a weekend activity, and love dogs, head over to the California Science Center in Los Angeles to check out ‘Dogs! A Science Tail.’ This new featured exhibit opened this past Saturday, March 16, 2019, and will run through January 2020. With the boys gone over the weekend for a campout, a trip to the Science Center was the perfect place for a girls’ day out. Because the best trips involve fun, learning, and dogs.

‘Dogs! A Science Tale’ takes us through years of relationship between dogs and humans, beginning thousands of years ago with the cohabitation of friendly wolves with man and the domestication of the first dogs. The exhibit also features dogs in pop culture and art, along with laws regarding dog ownership, the features of different dog breeds, and how to care for our furry companions. The exhibit is interactive, with games and hands-on displays, perfect for dog lovers of all ages. The girls had a great time.  Sami particularly enjoyed playing two rounds of “Jeopawdy!” hosted by a recording of the real Alex Trebek. Emily liked everything and enjoyed buying dog toys for Owen and other doggo-themed merchandise from the gift shop at the end of the exhibit.  There are also live demonstrations every two hours.  We missed the service dog demo in the morning hours but caught part of the LAPD canine demo in the afternoon. 

In conjunction with the exhibit, “Superpower Dogs” is playing at the IMAX in 3D.  The movie is narrated by Chris Evans, aka Captain America, and features the true stories of superhero service dogs in various jobs, from search and rescue to emotional support. It was the perfect end to a dog day of spring.

Some things to consider:

I would recommend allowing two hours for the exhibit and demo, at least.  We had about an hour and 45 minutes to explore before heading to our show, and that really wasn’t enough time, especially with kids. It’s not in a huge space, but the exhibit is really engaging with much to see, read, and explore, and you really want to take your time to enjoy it.  If you have a full day, there are other museum highlights, such as the shuttle Endeavour, which are definitely worth a visit.

We loved “Superpower Dogs 3D.” I typically wouldn’t pay for an IMAX movie, but this one was really good.  We truly enjoyed learning about different rescue dogs, and the training they receive to harness their superpowers and become the heroes they are meant to be. I recommend purchasing the combo pack covering the cost of entry for the exhibit and IMAX to save a few dollars.  If you are a larger family, a membership might help to offset the costs, and group rates are available.  Tickets available to purchase at or at the box office.

Museum admission is free, but the special exhibits “Dogs! A Science Tale” and the Space Shuttle Endeavour require paid admission. Also note, lot parking is $12 cash only.

This exhibit is for humans only.  Per the Science Center website “Service dogs that have been individually trained to work or perform tasks for a guest with a disability are welcome, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Pets, comfort animals, emotional support animals, or therapy animals are not allowed, for the safety of the Science Center’s exhibit animals.” You can share what you learned when you come home to your best buddy, and maybe with a new treat from the gift shop.

Following our day out, we returned home to our favorite boy. He was happy to see us and looks forward to playing with the new puzzle ball Emily picked out for him.  We walked away from the exhibit and movie with a renewed love and appreciation for dogs and the feeling that we really don’t deserve them. But we’re thankful to have them.

We will be returning to the museum for another round of Dogs!, and we’ll bring our human boys to learn and play.  Maybe we’ll see you there. Happy tails!


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