About the blogger

I’m Rochelle Haas, based in the Greater Los Angeles area, specifically the San Gabriel Valley. While I effectively grew up in California, I originated on the East Coast and moved westward on account of my father’s military service- and my mother’s hatred of winter weather.   Our cross-country journey gave me a love of travel, especially road-tripping.

Fast forward a few years, I am married with four children, a dog, and a hamster, living in a compact 930-square foot home with huge yards in one of the best neighborhoods in the SGV. We thrive in our vintage home by controlling clutter and using cute storage solutions. I will be sharing some of these tips, along with things to do around the San Gabriel Valley, the occasional fashion post, recipes, and what life is like for what is considered a large family in the Los Angeles area.

I enjoy photography, scrapbooking, and a good book. When not at home, I love exploring our beautiful country with my husband and our kiddos.


Rochellehaasandco is a participant in the  Amazon-affiliate program.


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