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Opalhouse Finds

Target's gone and done it again: given me yet another reason to go and drop a few of my hard-earned dollars at their retail sites. Opalhouse, Target's new home decor line launched on April 8, and I'm loving it. This new brand is one that to me is reminiscent of Anthropologie and Pier 1, but… Continue reading Opalhouse Finds

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What to do with all those Tsum Tsums…

And other small toys: It is by no means a serious issue, but one of the challenges of having children, especially multiple children, and especially multiple girl children, is what to do with all their collections.  My daughters are notorious for finding the next "it" thing of cutesy-ness and going nuts with it.  They will… Continue reading What to do with all those Tsum Tsums…

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Closet organization by Emily

Over the weekend, we tackled the daunting task of organizing the kids' closets.  Both closets- one a built in closet in the girls' room, and in the boys' an Ikea wardrobe- are small with some though not enough shelving. Of course, the biggest issue is that the kids don't put things where they belong.  And… Continue reading Closet organization by Emily

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Storage solutions: Furniture with storage and style

Where I live in So Cal, land is at a premium.  We often see homes under 2000 sq. feet in size going for close to (or even over!) $1M. With that in mind, I am so blessed to be living in a 930 sq. foot home that's been in the family for generations. I love… Continue reading Storage solutions: Furniture with storage and style

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Desert landscapes… in kindergarten

Living in California we hear constantly about the necessity to be water-wise and to strenuously conserve water at all costs.  During the infamous six-year drought, we cut back on watering our lawns, and began the switch to native and drought tolerant landscaping. We used this as an opportunity to teach our Scouts, grades 1-5 about the principles… Continue reading Desert landscapes… in kindergarten