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The Great ShakeOut: Preparing for the Big One

This morning, October 17, schools and businesses across the Golden State participated in a massive statewide earthquake drill known as "The Great ShakeOut." At our middle school school site, the assistant principal came on the school's PA system and methodically talked through the steps of the drill- drop, cover, hold, check your surroundings, and evacuate… Continue reading The Great ShakeOut: Preparing for the Big One

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Sami’s Hammies: Another Pet Story

The tagline for this site is "Four kids, a dog, and a squeaker in the San Gabriel Valley." It goes without further explanation that the four kids are my four children, the dog is our Golden retriever, and we reside in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley. But what is the squeaker? The answer… Continue reading Sami’s Hammies: Another Pet Story

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Great Hikes: Be Prepared

Welcome back to my two-part series on hiking with dogs. Today the focus will be on how to prepare for a hike with your best pal. As with just about everything in life, there are some inherent risks in exploring the great outdoors. ¬†Weather, unexpected terrain, wildlife (by which I typically mean insects and snakes,… Continue reading Great Hikes: Be Prepared