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California Traditions: the Tournament of Roses

Something I take for granted living in Southern California is how close we are to many events. This morning was the 130th Tournament of Roses lovingly better known as the Rose Parade. The theme this year was "The Melody of Life," in celebration of the music in our lives and was a beautiful and multicultural… Continue reading California Traditions: the Tournament of Roses

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Christmas Traditions

It's been a chilly 81 degrees here in So Cal, and though the mornings have been on the crisp side, the afternoon temperatures have made it easy to forget that we are indeed in the month of December. At least I seem to have forgotten, as it is now 10 days until Christmas, and while… Continue reading Christmas Traditions

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The First Day of School 2017

After a too-long summer that was really too short, the kids return to school today, August 21. It is our 13th year of first days of school, counting preschool, and while we have at least 7 more to go, I am struck by how quickly the years are flying by. How quickly the children are… Continue reading The First Day of School 2017